Surgical Repair of the Lambdoid Suture

lambdoid suture illustration

The lambdoid suture is the suture that separates between the bones of the back part of the crown and the bone of the nape of the neck. Essentially, it composes part of the posterior fontanel – a sort of junction where many of the bones of the skull meet. Normally, the posterior fontanel and its various sutures fuse a few months after birth.

There are some cases in which the lambdoid suture fuses prematurely, which can cause flattening at the back of the head. While this is not a life-threatening condition, it requires surgical intervention for aesthetic reasons.

Posterior skull flattening is mostly positional and not lambdoid synostosis.
Unlike the different types of synostosis, positional flattening is not a neurosurgical situation.

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Is the back of your infant’s head too flat?

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